Foregone Conclusion

Foregone Conclusion is a true story of
perseverance, determination, forgiveness, healing and a new beginning.
Although this book describes people and situations that have contributed to the development of operations, it is not intended to provoke resentment or discredit individuals and groups.

“Fatal Miscarriage of Justice” = foregone conclusion
 is not only a true crime thriller,
but an exciting story that captivates the reader.
Not only because of the incomprehensible events,
but also because of the persistence of a man whom
“two European states” tried to clone into “someone else“!

The book describes not only the odyssey of a man who should be bitter, but also events, situations and persons that take place in this true story with the authority figures who use
“racial profiling”
 to exercise their power to harm and harass other people.

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