About us

Foregone Conclusion NGO

“Racial Profiling” – Racial Discrimination
One speaks of “racial profiling” – racial discrimination – when investigations such as police measures, checks and surveillance are carried out in an inadmissible manner on the basis of certain external characteristics such as language, origin, religious affiliation. This also includes if people are “generally suspected” for this reason alone, if only the physical characteristic, such as the skin color, is the only or decisive selection criterion.

“Foregone Conclusion,” based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is a nonprofit organization which, inter alia, against biased justice systems.

A person is presumed to be innocent in a court of law
– unless proven otherwise.
This is a fundamental human right that must be strictly observed.

Our Goals:

  1. Our goal is to create awareness among people who make decisions based on preconceived notions of religion, origin or political orientation, etc.
  2. The establishment of a global network and different platforms where people with similar experiences have the opportunity to exchange ideas.
  3. Dissemination will take place in all public and social media.
  4. When it comes to judicial issues, we offer people our practical help.er our practical help to the people.

Aid for Africa

We are also involved in Africa. In cooperation with other organizations, we want to raise the standard of living of the poor population in Africa by carrying out various aid projects