About me


Kenneth Ehigiene

Author of the non –fiction legal thriller “Foregone Conclusion”

In dubio pro reo– in case of doubt for the accused – this is the credo of the judiciary.

However, that was not the case with me.

My story is the story of a man who has “innocently” fallen into the mills of justice. Incompetent judicial officers, inexperienced lawyers, sloppy research and racial profiling led to me being wrongly indicted.

A judicial drama whose events are so extensive and confusing, and I thus became a merciless VICTIM of justice.

It is shown here that people who work in the judicial apparatus can also be wrong, which can have fatal consequences for the accused.

Recently, the number of cases of serious miscarriages of justice has increased. Again and again, people come to prison for acts that they have not committed at all.

Even if the judges, prosecutors and justice ministers agree that “miscarriages of justice cannot be completely ruled out”, the message of this book should be that those responsible must learn lessons from their own failures.

Covering up a miscarriage of justice creates dangerous conditions for the erroneous views and prefabricated opinions to be consolidated in society. We must not remain silent in exposing the truth, otherwise there will continue to be misjudgments, with fateful consequences for the victims.

My experiences should encourage people to persevere. They are primarily aimed at those who find themselves in almost the same hopeless situation in the fight with the authorities.

Anyone can be hit by a miscarriage of justice if suddenly and unexpectedly the police are at the door, handcuff you, put you in jail because a court has imposed a prison sentence on you.

But the truth always remains the truth.

Kenneth Ehigiene