Kenneth Ehigiene

Author of the non –fiction legal thriller “Foregone Conclusion”
“The story of a man against two powerful European nation's.”

Dies ist ein Test My story or the experiences shared in this book is not only pivotal in encouraging people to persevere and be resilient in a seemingly awkward and unimaginable situation but to make an impact in our world today, where most times the “Good” are often silent or passive to every situation that befalls them. By so doing, we are not only making the world an unsafe place for ourselves, but undermining the future of our children, by letting “foregone conclusion” go untamed.

A salient message the book carries is to show that individuals in position of power and institutions themselves, do err . There is nothing wrong in erring, but acknowledging it and making amends is better than the malignant abuse and misuse of power by these stakeholders in public places to cover up their mistakes. The aftermath of this is the creation of a dangerous precedence in a society that is more or less vulnerable to the plague “Foregone Conclusion”.

That is why a foremost pursuit of the book is to inform and create an awareness among the people of the miscreants in our institutions and how things could go wrong with the system.

At the end of the book, the idea is to make the reader come to terms with the fact that no matter how hard man tries to machinate or rather bend, clone or twist the truth, the truth always remains same because truth is a fruit of providence, and nothing in itself is greater or higher than providence.